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Sheffield Care Center - your leader in providing quality preventive and restorative services.

About the Sheffield Care Center


The Sheffield Care Center exists because of a strong desire by community members to have a nursing facility in the community to meet the needs of the citizens. A good deal of hard work and persistence by the community allowed the facility to be built.


At the Sheffield Care Center our mission, through dedicated teamwork, is to provide all who enter our doors with a clean, comfortable, home-like atmosphere where honesty, dignity, respect and genuine compassion for one another prevails.



In June of 1973, the community of Sheffield first applied to the State of Iowa to build a 56-bed ICF facility. The application was denied, but the community refused to give up on its idea.


A committee of community leaders was formed and many hearings were held to discuss the need for the facility in Sheffield. Committee members made numerous trips to Des Moines and to surrounding communities to support the need for a care center in Sheffield. Many donations were received as memorials toward the building of a new facility. 


The committee members became the first Board of Directors for the facility, and in 1977, the Articles of Incorporation were signed. The facility was declared to be non-profit.


In 1978, Ken Webb was hired to oversee the building construction for the facility. The new construction was to be modeled after a home in Fort Dodge owned by Webb. 


The Board received approval to build a new care center from the State of Iowa, and then later received a second letter denying the request and denying approval to build. Surrounding communities legally opposed the construction of a facility in Sheffield as they believed the competition for census would hurt their existing care centers. Finally, State approval was given, the facility was constructed, and the building was dedicated on October 21, 1979.


Many changes have occurred in the 36 years since the Sheffield Care Center opened for business, but the caring and dedication toward our residents continues to be our top priority. 

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